Hebrews 2:1-4
Don't Be a Drifter Don't Be a Drifter

Don't Be A Drifter

1. Practice what we already know about how to live for the Lord. No need to know any "new information" to act out the gospel. Firm up the basics already known about living for Jesus. 

2. Anchor your life in the Word. We need the words of God to keep us from drifting. 

3. There are consequences when we drift away. We forget the benefits of salvation and the things of the Lord become cold to us. We forget our first love. 

God does not give up on you, but he pursues you. And does it through trials and tribulations to lovingly draw us back to him. 

How to Respond to His discipline:

Accept the discipline and come back to the Lord with prayer, worship, and service.