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During this time, I will commit to praying for:  

·        the plight of the unborn 

·        the safety of children from predators and human trafficking 

·        the family unit (for strong marriages and good parent/children relationships)

·        the church and its influence in the United States and the world

·        UNITY and against hate

·        peace in the streets and an end to rioting 

·        Law Enforcement

·        the upcoming elections o  untampered elections  

·        eradication of the coronavirus and the effects of the virus

o  for those who are sick 

o  for those who are lonely and isolated

o  for those struggling with anxiety and depression 

o  for a return to normal for churches, businesses, and everyday life 

o  for restrictions to be lifted so churches can meet freely again

o  for students and teachers, that schools will reopen  


Therefore, we pray for the cities and the state of California, all state legislators, the mayor, and Governor Newsom. We pray for our country, the United States Congress, and for our President. We pray for all of this “so that we may live a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way.” (I Timothy 2:2)